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Spotlight - Vlam van Vuuren

So Vlam, we all love to watch the Bay play and within that, watch you throw your body around. We also all wait patiently on the other side of The Red Mist when it blows in. 


Tell us a little about yourself. 


The Basics

Name: Andre van vuuren

Age: 31

 School: Plumstead High School



I Have a lovely wife Lisa, Nino Cutino'd sister.

He didn't know I was going out with her for the first few months and thought she was comig to watch him but things were not as it seemed. 

I have a step son, Sergio. I am blessed with fantastic parents who watch every game at the Bay and away, even when I am not playing. 

I also have a sister who is pregnant with a little boy, so I have already planned his rugby career.


Professional work

I am a school teacher at St George's Grammar School


Rugby History

I played soccer at primary school and was the only player in the history of the school to be sent off a soccer field. 

I played  flank throughout my school career and was lucky enough to be

coached by the great Gus Leslie.

I played  at the Bay since 2003 and had a sabbatical in 2008( I went to Villagers RFC) but have been at the Bay ever since. 


> Did you plan on being a legend of the Club?

I don't know about "legend", but I love to play the game with passion and I suppose everyone loves to see people who do stuff other people don't like to do.  I suppose others think I'm cooked to throw my body around, but when you play with your mates you will do things you wouldn't normally do.


Goals in life

To be happy and successful in anything i do.

Goals in the game

To win the league and Gold Cup. 


Philosophy in life

Rather do the wrong thing right, than the right thing wrong.


Philosophy in the game

Just have fun and always give of your best.


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