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Welcome to our 2023 Sponsor Spotlight series, where we’ll be profiling some of the fantastic partners that work alongside us at False Bay RFC and going a little deeper into their businesses. Next up is our sponsor, Opal Sports. We sat down with the company’s Director – Anne Vilas to learn a bit more about Opal Sports and its role in the Sportswear Industry.


If you could sum up your business in 300 words, what would you say?


Brands include PING golf, Gunn & Moore cricket, Unicorn darts, Power Glide snooker cues, Dukes cricket balls, Summit sports goods, Conti water-polo and basket balls.

Opal Sports operates in Southern Africa, with its head office in Midrand.

Founded in 1978 by Herby Prout and Anne Vilas, Opal Sportswear is a family-owned business that boasts a third generation lineage, with a hands on passion for its brands and customers.


How did you end up in the Sportswear Industry and describe your current role?

I (Brad Vilas) never really envisioned myself not being a part of Opal Sportswear. Watching my parents run the business and seeing the passion they had for it made me naturally want to do the same. Being a key part of professional and amateur sportsman and sportswoman striving to do better, and being able to provide them with the equipment and knowledge to do this is a huge passion of mine.


Who’s your favourite False Bay player, and why?

I have to embarrassingly admit that I have not been to a False Bay game. Being from JHB my trips to the Cape generally end up during the week and rush home back to the family for the weekend. But this is something I plan on rectifying very soon.

Our dealings however, with the False Bay management have been fantastic and to see the passion that comes across on the back end of the club would have to rub off on the players. This for me is one of the reasons that False Bay has been so successful over the years.


What’s your top sporting memory?

I have had the privilege of being able to watch my brother walk out onto the pitch for the Proteas cricket team. Watching Dane play at the Wanderers stadium in a Test match against England is undoubtedly my best sporting memory.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My family and my business, and I am very lucky that they go hand in hand. I have a 2yr old little girl who keeps me incredibly busy. Having kids has taught me that  everything you do from here on out is for your kids, to make sure that they can have a better life than you do. Then knowing that when I get to work, having a cup of coffee with my family before the day gets going is a huge morale booster for me, especially in these challenging times.

Tell us about the team at your business. How many people work there?

As mentioned, we are a family business, my parents, my brother, my wife and my brother’s wife are all involved in the business. We have around 15 staff members over and above this and many of them have been with us for 20yrs or more and in some cases, they have or have had family members of there own in the business. Everyone here truly feels like a part of the family and we are a very tight-knit company.

How do you measure success as a business?

Relationships. For me relationships are what it is all about. The better our relationships are the more trust we have in our suppliers and the more trust our consumers will have in us. We believe that every decision we make needs to be a long-term decision. It is so much easier to make short term decisions that make you money quickly, but our goal is to be around for a long time and planning ahead is key.

What attracted you most to partnering with False Bay RFC?

I feel that False Bay is also a family. Everyone involved there speaks very highly of their club and have visions for long term success. This does not just mean success in results, but success in the community. Giving people from all walks of life a place to play their sport and socialise in a safe, fun environment.

And finally, if you had some advice for someone starting out in your industry, what would it be?

Hard work does not go unnoticed. Whilst you will not always get a pat on the back, or recognition, when opportunities arise your hard work will have paid off. Don’t be afraid to do the hard yards.

Thank you for your support, time and wisdom, Anne.

All the best!




Facebook: Opal Sports

Twitter: @OpalSport

Instagram: opal_sports


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