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Welcome to our 2023 Sponsor Spotlight series, where we’ll be profiling some of the fantastic partners that work alongside us at False Bay RFC and going a little deeper into their businesses. Next up is our partner Motorvaps , where we sat down with the company’s CEO – Greig Hains  to learn a bit more about Motorvaps and its role in the Motor Industry.


If you could sum up your business in 300 words, what would you say?

Motorvaps provides Motor Vehicle Warranties and Service Plans and other vehicle related VAPS (Value Added Products and Services) through a network of new and used car motor dealerships throughout South Africa. When you buy a car insist on Motorvaps, the green one.

How did you end up in this industry and describe your current role?

I’ve worked in Insurance, Banking, Motor Dealerships, Business Consulting and Training. All had something to do with the motor industry. In 2009 I was retrenched from my role as a consultant to Motor Dealers. A group of Motor Dealers, at that time, suggested that I provide them with these products which I did.

My current role is Group CEO.

Who’s your favourite False Bay player, and why?

Vleis and vlam. Over 200 caps and both have stayed the course through the tough times. You only really show your true self when the going gets tough.


What’s your top sporting memory?

All 3 rugby World Cups wins,

FBRFC winning the Gold Cup in 2017,

2022 unbeaten 2nd team finishing off at UCT.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Yvonne with Coffee. Just kidding. I love going to work. I find being productive and making a difference highly energising. 

Tell us about the team at your business. How many people work there?

We have amazing staff. We are an incredibly diverse bunch of people. We have good leadership and the more we grow the more opportunities there are for good people.

Our staff complement is almost 250. We expect to be around 350 by the end of the year.

How do you measure success as a business?

There are 9 things

  1. Revenue and profitability

  2. Market share

  3. Customer satisfaction and loyalty

  4. Customer acquisition and retention

  5. Brand awareness and reputation

  6. Employee engagement and satisfaction

  7. Operational efficiency

  8. Innovation and adaptability

  9. Financial health


What attracted you most to partnering with False Bay RFC?

A great diverse club filled with hard working people with hard earned success on and off the field.

And finally, if you had some advice for someone starting out in your industry, what would it be?

Never stop learning, put your head down and graft. In life, if you do this, you will be very surprised how far it’ll get you.

Thank you for your support, time and Wisdom, Greig Hains

All the best!






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