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Welcome to our 2023 Sponsor Spotlight series, where we’ll be profiling some of the fantastic partners that work alongside us at False Bay RFC and going a little deeper into their businesses. Next up is Cape Removals. We sat down with the company’s Director – Brad Moore to learn a bit more about Cape Removals and its role in the Removal Company & Storage Industry.

If you could sum up your business in 300 words, what would you say?

Cape Removals is a Cape Town based removal company that provide removals, packing, mini moves & storage services to all areas within the Western Cape. Our intentional business model of empowering our admin and ground staff was successful, refreshing and a good recipe for Cape Removals to quickly expand a footprint to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.


We acquired regionally based brands like JHB Moving Company , Pretoria Furniture Movers , Biggles Removals & Durban Moving Company. Ou national brand SA Furniture Movers function is to coordinate all our National Long Distance Furniture Removals between all South African cities. 

Cape Removals is rated as one the best moving companies in South Africa, thanks to our conscious effort to provide the very best removal experience for our clients.

How did you end up in the Furniture Removal Industry and describe your current role?

I identified the potential in the furniture removal industry based on a resilient and thriving Western Cape property market. I had previously cut my teeth with a removal brand whilst in my early 20’s. The lingering passion to revisit an industry which I was familiar with was always present. I finally made the move back into the removal industry in 2013 where the Cape Removals brand was born.


Who’s your favourite False Bay player, and why?

I have an admiration for all False Bay RFC players because of the unique spirit and culture that they all contribute to. It’s an absolute pleasure and honour being part of this club because of the environment that our players set. While Vlam represents the very essence of a False Bay character, I will still have to exercise my bias as a flyhalf by isolating Ewan Adams as my stand out player. The man has a great understanding of the bigger picture and simply makes good decisions. Ewan understands what’s in front of him but also has a very good awareness beyond his own space. He has timing, the ability to identify opportunities for his team & control the flow of play. His natural flare as a flyhalf wouldn’t be possible without our great pack and some great talent in the backline. 


What’s your top sporting memory?


1995 World Cup Win, From the opening game against Australia to the celebrations of winning the World Cup Final. 


What gets you out of bed in the morning?


My staff (In a good way) The desire to move onwards and upwards.


Tell us about the team at your business. How many people work there?


Each person has their own responsibility and has been empowered to take ownership and incentivised as if it’s their own business. The dedication and application by my 7 admin and 28 ground staff inspires and motivates me to push forward in the most difficult of days.


How do you measure success as a business?


A business that aspires to connect to its clients and action their business objective’s by doing the right thing for the right reasons.


What attracted you most to partnering with False Bay RFC?

The spirit within False Bay RFC is legendary and attracted me from an early age. False Bay RFC is unique and isn’t just a club – It’s family environment of brothers that has been cultivated and inspired by some of the best leaders I have had the honour of meeting. These leaders continue to work thanklessly & unselfishly behind the scenes.


And finally, if you had some advice for someone starting out in your industry, what would it be?

Be determined, never give up. You never know when that breakthrough is about to happen. Hard work will find you that breakthrough.

Thank you for your support, time and wisdom, Brad  

All the best!




*Please provide the following links to your business where applicable. 






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