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The Club Rugby season has long been terminated, a non-starter for 2020 like so many other sporting tournaments and events.


As previously reported, keeping the players’ interest in a non-starter season has been more challenging than can be imagined. Training facilities have not been available, group sessions prohibited and, lest we forget, exercise was limited during Levels 4 & 5. It is a measure of the commitment of the players, coaches and managers at False Bay RFC who have not only managed to stay fit through individual, monitored  training programmes but have maintained a healthy social interaction as a team, albeit from the comforts of their respective homes.


However, life under the Corona Virus cloud has been more than cancelled sporting events, as we are all too aware. Hardship has courted a far greater number of families as businesses have closed, scaled their operations down or cut back on unnecessary expenditure.


However, it has also been a time of benevolence, a period where the kindness of South Africans has been tested and very much evident.


Rugby has demonstrated this with various clubs undertaking social assistance programmes.


The Western Province Rugby Football Union teamed up with science-based technology giants 3M and the not-for-profit organisation Worldwide United Way to provide food hampers for needy members of clubs under the Union’s auspices. These hampers were packed by the DHL Western Province players the day before. One thousand such food hampers were handed out at DHL Newlands to clubs who had provided details of needy members.


United Way South Africa, the local UW organisation, is sponsored by 3M South Africa to implement a relief programme to provide nutritional food, fresh water, hygiene, COVID-19 educational awareness brochures and sanitisation products to vulnerable families, of which this formed a part.

Additional support for this initiative has come from Pick n Pay and Boxer Superstores, with DHL delivering the parcels, Crown National providing some food and Peninsular Beverages contributing water.

“Rugby has always had a strong community spirit, so it is important that we all do our bit in times like these,” said WPRFU President Zelt Marais.

The hampers are substantial in quantity, including staple foods and vegetables. It is sufficient to feed a family of four for a month. Thank you 3M, United Wat SA and the WPRFU for this initiative.


As alluded to earlier, various clubs have been active in assisting those in need and at False Bay RFC a number of drives have taken place. These included an internal donation initiative to assist in the maintenance of the everyday running of the club. The facilities still require maintenance, with obvious costs attached. Another drive aimed at offering some relief to the staff of the club’s popular on site Sports Bar was also undertaken.


The playing arm of the Club  too, has been busy raising funds for their chosen charity, Miracle Kidz in Tokai, is a safe house for abused, abandoned and neglected babies and toddlers. Selflessly headed by Elsie du Plessis, who parents dozens of children by including them in their ever growing family.


Totally reliant on donations and the benevolence of business and individuals, the roof of their home was severely damaged in the recent storms to hit Cape Town.


The False Bay lads have been hard at work raising funds to repair the damaged roof, but as can be expected, this is particularly difficult as individuals and businesses tighten their belts to cope with the financial fallout of the Lockdown. To date the False Bay players have managed to collect R5000 which represents a fraction of what is necessary.


Yet giving up is not their intention and they have arranged a family night in on Saturday with some of South Africa’s favourite comedians. Going out for entertainment has not been a part of our lives in recent months and it remains the better option to enjoy home entertainment. What could be better than ordering food in, or starting an early braai and then settling down to be entertained by top comedians Nick  Rabinawitz, Alan Committee, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Dalin Oliver and Kagiso Mokgadi. The event is an “online comedy evening”  and tickets are R100.


Visit the website for more information or email with your enquiry. See info sheet for further details.

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