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Dear False Bay RFC family,


So as many of you will know by now the club season has officially been cancelled. We live in unusual times and sad as it may be we as a club respect the decision given the challenges our country is facing at the moment. I have been proud of how many people have stood up during this time of stress for all of us - most of them doing it quietly and without any desire  for recognition. That is the true spirit of a rugby club.

But specifically I am proud of the following :

  • the many coaches and players who kept training, staying fit and positive 

  • Andrew, our groundsman, who kept the gates locked and our premises secure. 

  • all those who joined me in supporting our club in the "buy a round for False Bay". That support kept our club alive ready to face a new year again next year. 

  • thanks to those who supported our restaurant in dire times by ordering take outs or more recently enjoying a meal back at The Bay. 

  • the initiative of making sandwiches that was well supported around the 67 minutes for Mandela

  • the drive to Buy-a-Roof for Miracle Kidz by the Senior players. The roof at the Haven was blown off during a recent storm and replacement will cost R80k.

  • the many humorous and positive posts on the various False Bay Groups that showed our spirit. 

  • and who can forget our False Bay masks! It is so nice seeing those out and about.

  • our sponsors who kept the faith during this non season therefore placing us in a position to compete from a position of strength next year. 


We can only hope that we see a return to normal this year where we are allowed to socialise and return to the business of being a rugby club again. Should that time come we will celebrate accordingly at our club following whatever rules may be in place. It will be so good to just be together again. 

I am confident that 2021 will see a full return to rugby and we can celebrate club rugby again. Most importantly we can celebrate our companionship and support for one another. Let's not forget though that there are many factors at play that have seen people lose their jobs, get sick and some have passed away. There are still hard times ahead for us all, but together we can do this. Stay positive, make a contribution of some sort. Avoid criticism and negativity - it really does not help at all.

False Bay RFC is such an important support mechanism for me personally. The hard work we all do behind the scenes is all worth it when we realise the true friends we have at our club - friends who do not judge each other but rather embrace each other. That is what makes it all worthwhile.

You will note that I have not spoken about or named individuals bar one - and there is a reason for that. None of us are bigger than this wonderful game of rugby, and none of us are bigger than our wonderful club that has been home to so many different people over the many years of its existence.

Thanks to you all for the part you play in making this the best Rugby club in South Africa.


Kevin Lennett 

On behalf of the 2020 FBRFC Rugby Committee.

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