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15 February 2018

For Capetownians the effects of the debilitating drought are far-reaching and omnipresent. School sport and Club Cricket has already fallen victim to contingency measures and a decision on club rugby is imminent.


The challenge to rugby coaches is to properly prepare the team in terms of fitness without a starting date in mind.


DirectAxis False Bay RFC and UniMil have come up with a unique way of combining the fitness aspect with the healthy edge of competition. The two clubs will lock horns in a Cross-Fit competition at Muzenberg Beach on Saturday, pitting their teams against each other in a fun challenge to determine the winner, if only in terms of a fitness-specific competition.


"It is more of a fitness competition for rugby players than a Cross-Fit competition"' says False Bay coach Johnno van der Walt. "We are combining many elements of Rugby, Cross-Fit and general fitness."


The competition combines many aspects of the game, none less than the team spirit component. Points are allocated for each event and an overall winner is determined at the end of the day, which promises to be enjoyable for participant and spectator alike.


Ten teams from each club face off, each comprising of a tight forward, a loose forward, an inside back and an outside back. Disciplines vary from individual challenges, to team and relay workouts. The comprehensive course is designed to tests the strength, speed and stamina of the teams.


While the effects of the drought is felt everyday by Capetownians, the juxtaposition of conducting normal everyday life poses a challenge to schools and clubs across the region. Of course the bigger picture takes precedence, with the well-being of the population of far greater importance, but the humorous irony of this competition is it takes place alongside the expanse of water which cannot be used for consumption.


Frivolous ironies aside, it offers ample opportunity for teams and their supporters to get out onto the white sands of Muizenberg and enjoy a day of healthy competition. The day starts at 07h30 and continues until late afternoon. The field of contest will be on the beach close to the Supertube. Pop down to enjoy the day.


- Jon Harris

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