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Peter Leibbrandt, guesting for Cissou and hence under his French name of Pierre le Brandt, wrote us this short report on Tuesday night's interaction. 


It was to be 3 x 20 minute chukkas and all the Bay celebs were out in full force to take on the mighty Cissou Boys of Montpellier. 


False Bay Crocs had the likes of Doc Jones and Graham Garbers ( possibly the only two club players to still be wearing green shorts) on their teamsheet,  making a grand night of it.  Not to mention the Right Honourary  Pigeon Allen wearing huge black, long shorts or short longs, making his final, final appearance. There was some concern over him choking on the draw string. 


So after many a Bonjour and welcome the game commenced with Cissou kicking off. The ball soared into the starry skies of a clear Cape Winter's night,  hung for a while  and then dropped straight through Zak Scheepers's hands. 


The French had decided that the 7 Bay players helping them on the night would sit the first chukka out as they opted to field a fully French team, clearly observing majority representation. That was to their detriment however, because had This diminutive writer or Jaque been on the field for them, Bossie would never have run three tries past them. 


So the first chukka ended with a score line of 15-0 to Bay and before the second chukka could commence, the jolly French brought on a cooler box of none other than genuine French champagne. Our local lads were in awe of it's sparkling purity and therefore allowed the French to ply them with too much of the stuff. Without doubt the champagne showed its effects as the second chukka ended with a score of 25-15 to the Bay. Could it have been the bubbly or was it perhaps the entrance of a quality bench?


At the end of a magnificent game played in an even plus magnifique esprit, the final score rested at 45-20 to the Bay.


After warm showers,  the fire was lit and the prize giving/fines began.


False Bay Man of the Match went to Brad Moore for making  Bossie look half decent.


Idiot Du Match went to Danie Hougard for being in the vicinity of dropped balls twice by both wings. We figured there had to be a common thread there, so drink up he did!


Cissou Boys Homme Du Match went to a French guy.

Cissou Boys Idiot Du Match went to another French guy. 


The evening was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


A huge thanks must go out to all the Crocs who threw in their lot, bringing fire wood, sauces etc and to Tom Boyd for the case of red wine.


I must also thank Tom for his welcoming speech performed in almost fluent French. It was a thing of beauty and it needs to be said I really was quite attracted to him during that speech!


As always our resident braai master, Sir Michael Raw , did a wonderful job with the assistance of Zak Scheepers.


Thanks to Mike Chowles who had the field ready and waiting and also showed great hospitality.


We welcome new comer Morne Duraan who has progressed from the Fifo's to Crocs.


In closing I would like to mention that if any of you have a crustacean problem Doc Jones is your go to guy!


Yours in Crocs Rugga


Pierre Le Brandt

Viva Le Bay!

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