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Spotlight - Ridhaa Damon

Name: Ridhaa Damon


Nickname:          RD


Age:      31


Family background/ recognition:            

Cape Malay/Muslim/Coloured

Grand Father from my mom’s side played rugby and my dad played a bit of soccer. My real rugby influence came from my stepdad Armien Brink who played provincial level rugby.





Favourite position:        

Bottom. Oops…you meant in rugby, then probably Fly-Half as I like to be in control.


Least favourite:              




Spine Road High School


Clubs played for:           

Collegians, SK Walmers and False Bay in that order.


Highest honours:           

WP Vodacom Cup


Other interests outside of rugby:            

Indoor/Action soccer


Inspirational people:    

Joost Van Der Westhuizen


Rugby philosophy:         

“All the talent in the world won’t get you anywhere without teammates.”


Life philosophy:             

“Don’t bother doing it, if you’re not doing it properly.”


Rugby goals:     

To leave my mark wherever I go and to make sure people remember me after I retire. Also, to have made a positive difference in the lives of those around me.


What do you like about False Bay?         

Definitely the comradery. It’s a my home away from home.


Thanks for the opportunity. I’m actually not serious all the time. That’s just my normal happy face. Don’t judge. Hahah


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