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Spotlight - Wesley Payne

Name – Wesley Payne 


Nickname - Feelings


Age - 28


Education (School, Tertiary) – Fairbairn College, CPUT, FTI


Rugby or sporting background – Played Baseball, Waterpolo and Rugby.


Clubs played for – NNK and False Bay


Position played or role if never played – Outside Centre, Wing


Rugby philosophy – Work hard, Always strive for excellence and play for each other


Life philosophy – Work hard, Play hard


Rugby highlight as a player – Winning the League in my first season at the Bay 


Favourite Club Player - Graham 'Snoopy" Knoop

 Favourite Coach – Jonny Sweetnam and Wayne James



Family background / make up (if you want to share this) – I am the only player in my family. 

How do you chill? With Friends and Family, Series and Movies


What is it about the Bay that inspires you? - All about the Bay gees and most importantly the Family environment.


Who at False Bay inspires you? - William James Solomon


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby? -  Gym, Movies, Series and a few cold ones with friends


Which club do you enjoy playing against and why? - UCT, it is always a tough encounter against the students


What is your Dream Sports event, one you would most like to attend?  - A Rugby World Cup Final


Your favourite rugby moment? - Winning the Reserve league my first season down at the Bay


Your most embarrassing rugby memory? - Made a break down the touch line with no one but the try line ahead of me and I tripped over a mole hole.


Who is your funniest team mate? - Brad van Deventer


Describe yourself in three words - Loyal, Passionate and Respectful 


Training: Love it or Hate it? - Love it

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