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Spotlight - Wesley Chetty

Name:   Wesley Chetty


Nickname:  Wes or Chetty


Age:   29


Family background/ recognition :

Lots of family have my mum and my dad and two elder brothers. Then also have my fiance Megan. All do a lot for me and support my Rugby in a big way. Megan is at every game come rain or shine so its awesome to have such an amazing support system.





Favourite position: 



Least favourite:



Favourite Club Rugby Player:

My favorite club rugby player would definitely have to be Andre"Vlam" Van Vuuren with a close second Justin Van Winkel. There work ethic is fantastic and have enjoyerd playing against and with over the years.



Very controversial topic I went to Rondebosch and did a post matric at Bishops, also spent a bit of time at St George's Grammar School.


Clubs played for:

UCT and False Bay


 Highest honours:

Played a couple of Provincial games and SA University games but my best moments were probably winning the varsity Cup and SLA


Favourite music:
Anything to be honest Andre Van Vuuren has recently introduced me to Dubstep which has been interesting.


Favourite Movie:
Indiana Jones


Favourite Food:


Rugby philosophy:
Enjoy every moment as it could be your last!


Life philosophy:

Enjoy every moment as it could be your last!


Rugby goals:



What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

I love the friendship and vibe at the club which is something that has revived my "rugby career".


Best Bay rugby moment?

Probably beating UCT  just kidding,uuummm running out every week with my mates

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