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Spotlight - Warwick Nel

Name: Warwick Nel



Boomslang, Fireball, Wara Wara,


Age: 30


Family background/ recognition:

Father from the Eastern Cape (East London), Emonti, Mother from Zimbabwe.  I was born and raised in Slummies and go back as often as I can


Position: 8/7/6


Favourite position: 8


Least favourite: 5/4


Favourite Club Rugby Player :

Van Justin van Winkel



Hudson Park High School/ Stirling Primary


Clubs played for:

Buffs Club (East London), NMMU (PE), Kurow (NZ), Vancouver Rowing Club (Canada), Rhodes University (Grahamastown)



Other interests outside of rugby:

Fishing, Sailing, Surfing, Riding Motorbikes Offroad


Favourite music:

Rock, Reggae, Ska


Favourite Movie:

Forest Gump


Favourite Food:



Inspirational people:

Mahatma Ghandi


Rugby philosophy:

Go hard


Life philosophy:

Work smart not hard


Rugby goals:

Keep enjoying myself


What do you like about False Bay?

the large number of players, the variety of friends and teams, the after match gees



Why the Bay?

Just up the road from my house, and my cousin Keith Rose-Innes used to play for the Bay and suggested I join when I moved to Cape Town


Best Bay rugby moment?

Dancing to “Sweet Caroline” in the old club house and having a team bath with a beer.


General comments:

Wouldn’t play for another team in Cape Town!!

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