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Spotlight - Vinnie Kayster

Name:   Vincent Kayster



Vin,Vinny or Winstrol as Andri calls me


Age:   23


Family background/ recognition:

Born into rugby because of my dad (who played at the Bay as well) ,  mom was more on the athletics side of the sporting codes. Spent most of my time watching rugby with my dad since I was little.. Not that I’ve grown much haha





Favourite position:


Least favourite Position:

Anywhere I won’t touch the rugby basically wing


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Has to be the Great Ridhaa Damon, his consistency and composure is absolutely insane


Bergvliet High School


Clubs played for:
False Bay is my one and only club... Its home..


Highest honours:
False Bay 1st XV


Other interests outside of rugby:

A chilled braai with good mates,a bit of banter and a lot of gees is my favourite


Favourite music: 
I like any music, if its good I’ll listen to it...


Favourite movie:
Favourite movie has to be Lion King - watched it everyday for a few years when I was in primary school..


Favourite food:
I seem to prefer Ribs lately..


Inspirational people:
Definitely my dad who has always been my Director of Rugby haha as well as Dan Carter, I've never seen a more complete rugby player


Rugby philosophy: 
Consistency is key


Life philosophy:

Stay positive and keep moving forward


Rugby goals:

To represent the Bay's mighty 1st XV



What do you like about False Bay? 

The same thing every other Bay boy will say, the gees, the family, the sense of belonging.  You wouldn't feel more welcome anywhere else!


Why the Bay?

There's nothing like it...


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

Well my dad played at The Bay, and so did 3 of my high school rugby coaches, so I guess it was always going to happen... The Bay is my family, why would I want to leave..


Best Bay rugby moment?

My first Cap for the 1st XV, the feeling of representing your club at its highest level is awesome


General Comments:


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