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Spotlight - Stuart Lawson

Name:      Stuart Lawson


Nickname:     Ginger, Lawsie


Age:    32


Family background/ recognition:

My dad played for Northern Natal at wing way back in his school days, my brother is an above average rugby player, despite playing at Hammies


Position:    lock, loosie and for a season or 2 at wing

Favourite position:     7


Least favourite:                        

left back on the bench


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Dasch Barber - the most talented scrummie I have ever seen!



Wynberg Boys


Clubs played for:                     

False Bay


Highest honours:                         

1 midweek cap for the 1st Team against a touring team


Other interests outside of rugby:

NSRI volunteer and a session or 2 in the gym


Favourite music:                       

everything except R&B

Favourite Movie:                      

Remember the Titans

Favourite Food:                       

All of it


Inspirational people:                 

My girlfriend - the strongest person I know; the Rock


Rugby philosophy:                   

the day the I don’t get butterflies before a kickoff is the day I hang up my boots


Life philosophy:                         

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional


Rugby goals:                                   

to play as long as the body allows, and then to make my mark in coaching


What do you like about False Bay?

The loyalty that the players, current and ex, show towards their club. It’s a testament to the club culture that has developed throughout the years


Why the Bay?

I grew up spending my Saturdays at Constantia Tennis Club, climbing the fence to watch the games. That progressed to becoming a ball boy so there was never any other club I was going to join.


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

The people. 


Best Bay rugby moment?

Scoring a hat trick on my debut at wing for the 2nd team under Kurt Botha


General comments:

One day I will learn to pass left.

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