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Spotlight - Shukrie Hendricks

Name:   Shukree Hendricks



Shuks ; Sugar ; Shukkas


Age: 22


 Family background:

No famous athletes to note but grandfather and father played rugby.



Tight head prop


Favourite position:

Only ever played prop but I dream of being a center. Just have to lose all this "baby fat" first :)


Least favourite:

Like I said only ever played prop. So would have to be loose head prop.


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

One of my favourite  club rugby players that I got to play alongside would have to be Marc Davids.



Bergvliet High School


Clubs played for:

Peninsula RFC and False Bay RFC


Other interests outside of rugby:

I'm a big family guy so love spending time with the family and friends. Food, I enjoy cooking, watching movies and series and occasionally spending time with my books.


Favourite music:

Anything that is good.


Favourite Movie:

Green Street Hooligans,  The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Braveheart


Favourite Food:

Too many to mention, but cinnabuns do hold a special place in my heart and probably my hips as well.


Inspirational people:

My Dad, Hashim Amla, Richie McCaw


Rugby philosophy:

Play it hard, play it clean and love every minute of it.


Life philosophy:

My religion moulds and guides me to be the person I am, You only live once so live it in the remembrance of God.


Rugby goals:

To constantly better myself as a player and one day become part of the First Team squad.


What do you like about False Bay?

The GEES, so much gees! Genuinely feels like a family and home away from home.


Why the Bay?

Came to play rugby with some mates ended up making a ton more and never looked back.


Best Bay rugby moment?

The 2014 Presidents Cup Final at Newlands with the U20s.

Every Saturday pulling a Bay jersey over my head and running onto that field with my brothers.


General comments:

This is truly a special club and it's something that you have to experience first hand, the gees and the brand of rugby.


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