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Spotlight - Shaun Garbers

Name:    Shaun Garbers

Nickname:    Garbs


Age:    21


Family background/ recognition:

I started playing rugby when i was 7 years old at Primary School and have played ever since then. My whole family is a rugby fanatic family so weekends were rugby time. 






Wynberg Boys High School

Clubs played for:

False Bay


Highest honours:
u20A, 3rd XV, 2nd XV


Other interests outside of rugby:

Most things revolve around rugby but nothing like Boogies for a dance or 2


Favourite music:

Deep House, rap

Favourite Movie:

To many to say

Favourite Food:



Inspirational people:

Definitely my dad and Uncle who both played for False Bay

Dan Coles because he is brilliant Hooker


Rugby philosophy:

Play every game like it is your last


Life philosophy :

Always try to find the fun in life, be positive and just enjoy the ride


Rugby goals:

To play the best rugby I possible can play with good mates.

Want to play rugby in England to see the different culture 



What do you like about False Bay? 

The amount of mates I have made while playing for False Bay and the amount of gees is far too much


Why the Bay?

My dad and uncle both played for False Bay so it was always the only club I wanted to play for.

The real question is why not the bay? 


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

Bay is like one big family. Everyone looks out for everyone no matter what team you are in.

The quality of rugby that all sides play is top notch rugby



Best Bay rugby moment?

Playing in the u20 Rugby final at Newlands

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