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Spotlight - Rushdi Giddion

Name:                           Rushdi Giddion

Nickname:                    Boeta


Age:                             30 feels 21


Family background/ recognition:

I come from a family of sportsman. My Dad has 18caps for WP 


Position:                      Fly half  Centre


Favourite position:

At the moment Centre 12


Least favourite:



Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Ridhaa Damon


Muizenberg High


Clubs played for:

Primrose and Hamediehs 


Highest honours:

Craven Week 2004


Other interests Outside of rugby:



Favourite music:


Favourite Movie:


Favourite Food:

Ahknie and brehani Malay style. 


Inspirational people:

My Mother


Rugby philosophy:

Play hard but play clean and winning is everything. 


Life philosophy:

Make each day count and be grateful of what you have. 


Rugby goals:

To set an example to my fellow team mates



What do you like about False Bay?

The gees 


Why the Bay?

My mates, good rugby and the diversity. 


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

Brand of rugby, brotherhood and gees 


Best Bay rugby moment?

Scoring my 1st try


General comments:      UTB

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