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Spotlight - Roan Dalzell

Name - Roan Dalzell


Nickname - Tuggers


Age - 23


Education (School, Tertiary) – Grey High (PE)


Rugby or sporting background - Back in the day I tried to play every sport I could. Only when I got to High School realizing I have to choose a Summer and a Winter sport. In the first year of High School I actually chose Hockey. After coming to my senses, I swopped over to rugby very quickly.

Clubs played for - College Rovers, Sharks u19, Sharks u21 


Position played or role if never played – Hooker


Rugby philosophy - Work hard to play harder.


Life philosophy - Live life to the fullest.


Rugby highlight as a player - Was definitely coming back from London after my little "Sabbatical" and ending up at False Bay Rugby Club. 



Favourite Club Player - Get along with all the BUGGAS !!


Favourite Coach - False Bay have a solid coaching staff.


Family background / make up (if you want to share this) - Come from a family of 5 with a brother and sister who are twins. We call  Plett home.



How do you chill? -  Watching Series/ Super Rugby and having a few pints with the buggas!


What is it about the Bay that inspires you? - Just the Gees!! It's a real thing !!


Who at False Bay inspires you? - Will have to be all the players / ex players and the families that come through to support the boys. Creates a very good vibe on and off the field.


Which club do you enjoy playing against and why? - It's my first time playing in this league, but I must say I enjoyed playing against Hamiltons.


What is your Dream Sports event, one you would most like to attend? - Hong Kong 7's with a good bunch mates!!



Your most embarrassing rugby memory? - Possibly not packing my training clothes and relying on Riaan to bring me training clothes which was a bad mistake from the get go, only to end up looking like a walking Christmas tree. #rockeditthough 


Who is your funniest team mate? - Very close between TB and Wes Chetty 


Describe yourself in three words?  - Energetic, Commitment, respectful 


Training: love it or Hate it? - Love it!

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