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Spotlight - Rafe Ashton

Name: Rafe Ashton


Nickname: Rafie


Age: 22


Family: Son to Debbie and Kevin Ashton. Nephew of Raymond Blake, former False Bay Captain.



9 through 15, with 10 and 15 being my favourite and wing being my least.


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Would have to be my coach/teammate, Pieter Benade.



Wynberg Boys High School



Villagers in 2012 and False Bay since 2013 


 Highest Honours:

2nd team rugby for False Bay in 2015


Other Interests:

From surfing and athletics to Call of Duty and beer.



Hip Hop & Techno.



Superbad & Guardians of the Galaxy.



A New Orleans Pizza from the Toad on the Road, Lakeside.


Inspirational People:

Besides my hardworking parents, I'd have to mention my brother/friend, Wandi Sompontsha. This man, with talent to spare, still remains as decent & humble as always, through whatever storm life throws his way. 


Rugby Philosophy:

Rugby is a tough sport, both mentally and physically but you can never beat the ball. Let it work for you and swing it wide London ! 


Life Philosophy:

Be kind to all. Stay humble and never give up. Supera Moras



False Bay 1sts. Not much could make me prouder than to don that jersey for the last game on a Saturday, putting 50+ against our opponents.


What do you like about False Bay?   

The two things I love most about False Bay is the sense of brotherhood. Past and present, young and old and the belief systems between players and coaches. There will never be a Bay man undermining another, only motivating and pushing one another.


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

All of the above keeps me cemented at Bay. Whether its for the Baybarians on a Friday or the 2s on a Saturday. There is no alternative club for me. UTB. 


Best Moment:

Pieter B, after coaching us through a great season for 3s in 2014 had been promoted to 2nd team coach. He gave me a shot at 10 against Goodwood (as far as I can remember) where I darted through their line for my first try of the season. 

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