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Spotlight - Pallo Manuel


Name:    Pallo Manuel


Nickname :    

Skelton (at the Bay)


Age:  27


Family background/ recognition:

Cape Town born and bred





Favourite position:     



Least favourite:       

Scrum half



Favourite Club Rugby Player:             

Ashley Wells 



Somerset College


Clubs played for:                                 

Maties, UCT, UWC and now the Bay!


Highest honours:                                  

Boland Currie Cup and Vodacom Cup


Other interests outside of rugby:        

Surfing, photography and a bit a cooking here and there!


Favourite music:                                  



Favourite Movie:                                  

Remember the Titans


Favourite Food:                                   



Inspirational people:                             

Ali Williams and Sam Whitelock


Rugby philosophy:                               

Pain heals. Chicks dig scars and Glory lasts forever


Life philosophy:                                   

Do what you love and do it to the best of your ability


Rugby goals:                                        

To be able to get the opportunity to run out in the Bay 1st XV outfit consistently


What do you like about False Bay?    

It's a family


Why the Bay?                                     

When I started my rugby out at UCT, legends like Ash 'conserve' Wells, Wes Chetty and Snoopy were the guys I started senior rugby with. So why not end it with them? 


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

The whole False Bay vibe, the family safe environment that caters for everyone. But most importantly it's my being able to play rugby with a great bunch of guys who enjoy playing the game 


Best Bay rugby moment?

Captaining the winning 2nd XV side against both Maties(home) and and Hammies(away) last year!           


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