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Spotlight - Mustaqeem Jappie

Name:    Mustaqeem Jappie





Age:    26


Family background/ recognition: 

I come from a family where all my cousins play, uncles played , dad, all played. It's like we were given a rugby ball the day we came out lol. Got 2 brothers and a sister, I'm unfortunately the eldest lol






Playing wing and/or fullback


Favourite position: 



Least favourite: 

uhm probably somewhere in the pack lol


Favourite Club Rugby Player: 

I don't want to seem bias, but definitely Justin van Winkel, just his work ethic, and presence, greatly influential



Lentegeur High


Clubs played for:

Collegians , since like 5years old or something


Highest honours:

Wp Emerging/ Wp 7's


Favourite music: 

Afro/Deep House


Favourite Movie:

Got a few- (Troy, Remember the Titans, Coach Carter, My Father was a Hero ,etc)


Favourite Food:

Chicken/ Pasta


Inspirational people:

The late Salih Boo Ariefdien (grandpa), my Mom and Dad and last but not least my wife.


Rugby philosophy:

The Game is bigger than you.. stay humble, work hard and always be grateful


Life philosophy: 

Don't regret anything you do, cause it made you who you are. So forgive, be thankful and love those closest..


Rugby goals:

I always wanted to play SLA rugby, and I've been doing so for almost 2seasons, which has been awesome.. i'm just enjoying my rugby , whatever 's still to come will be a blessing..


What do you like about False Bay? 

What is there not to like lol? The people, it's a beautiful rugby environment and my team mates- what a bunch of okes to be surrounded by.


Why the Bay?

 Back in 2014, whilst at Collegians, 2 of my friends had watched a few games of the Bay, then suggested that I join the Bay for the following season. So i got in contact with them, checked it out, loved it. and still enjoying my rugby here..


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

 The diverse cultures, and the Brand of rugby as a whole, the togetherness, the Gees, the environment, it's healthy lol


Best Bay rugby moment?

2015 season- Wednesday Night, Bay up against Maties, the first time I've played Maties and we won 22-19. will stick forever lol

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