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Spotlight - Mike Raw

Name: Mike Raw


Age:  60


Family background/ recognition:

Father was the ex politician for United Party / New Republic Party

Sons play for FIFO's



Anywhere but currently prop


Favourite position:

Anywhere except hooker


Least favourite:




Maritzburg College


Clubs played for:

Berea Rovers, Northlands Crusaders, UCT old crocks, Hamiltons old Crocks, The Bay Crocks


Other interests outside of rugby:

Sport in general and wine tasting


Favourite music:

 The 80's music


Favourite Movie:

Jesus Christ Superstar


Favourite Food:



Inspirational people:

Bishop Tutu


Rugby philosophy:

It is a way of life


Life philosophy:

Work hard and play hard


Rugby goals:

Keep playing until thrown out by the team or body packs up



What do you like about False Bay?

Convenient and friendly


Why the Bay?

Continual  Improvements in facilities and teams


Best Bay rugby moment?

Starting and playing with my 3 sons against Nautilus

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