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Spotlight - Meryck Ward

The Basics


Name:   Meryck Ward    



50, given to me by Marc Davids, because no matter how many times coaches told me not to throw a 50/50 pass it would happen.


Age:        30


Family background/ recognition: 

 My Father played soccer all his life, he did attempt to play rugby a few times but ended that very shortly and chose soccer.  None of my other family members are very much into playing rugby, that’s why I chose it to be different.






Favourite position:         



Least favourite:

Anywhere were I don’t get the ball



Plumstead High


Clubs played for:              

The only club anyone needs to play for, False Bay


Highest honours:             

False Bay 1st Team (100+ caps)


Other interests outside of rugby:         

Who has other interests besides rugby, chilling with friends talking about sports is always a good option as well.


Inspirational people:                      

Conrad Smith, rugby is not only about smashing and head banging, but also some intelligence


Rugby philosophy                              

When in doubt throw the 50/50


Life philosophy                                                      

Respect is not demanded but earned


Rugby goals                                            

Enjoy it while it lasts


What do you like about False Bay?          

If there is one thing that I could like about False Bay, it’s that no matter where I am in the world whenever the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ plays I will always sing “FALSE BAY BOYS”

General comments:       

'ludus causa ludi' - the game for the sake of the game

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