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Spotlight - Meagan Claasen

Name:      Meagan Claasen



Meagz , Classey 



26 (27 in November)



Born and raised in Grahamstown where I went to school and university. 

I went to Rhodes University  where I completed my BSocSc triple major degree in Human kinetics, ergonomics and psychology 

I then did my BSc Honours degree in Human kinetics and Ergonomics  


Rugby or sporting background:

I've been on a rugby field ever since I was a baby. Rugby is very much in the blood and a huge passion for me. My dad played until the age of 40 and all my uncles and cousin (who played for a club in Ireland) were very much involved in Border and EP Rugby in the Eastern Cape.


When at Rhodes I took over the managerial role for 3 years at the rugby club. I ran the rugby club, the USSA team (who traveled to Johannesberg and Wellington for their fixtures), the Tri-varsity team (1st team and the u21s) and then the internal rugby league (which was played every Friday night over a 12 week period). I also organised the final dinner event as well as all the teams kit, jerseys, balls, bags etc etc and of course got amazing sponsorship's from the companies in and around Grahamstown so that all our teams had an equal amount to spend.  


Clubs played for:

I never played contact rugby for anyone - but i do love a little game of touch :) 


Position played or role if never played:

Manager for the 3rds 


Rugby philosophy:

Always go into a match positively. Always back your players/team mates. Be fair but play a clever game of rugby.  If you have an impact player, keep him on the bench till he is  needed - but don't  ever make broken promises. Most importantly - have fun, let the boys play, have a jol and celebrate if you win and if you lose keep your head high and congratulate the winning team. 


Life philosophy:

Live life positively every single day. If you think positive thoughts you will generate positive actions. Theae positive actions will then generate positive outcomes in our life, in our work, in our relationships, friendships, family and so on.   


Rugby highlight as a player:

Not as a player - but as a manager - my highlight would be that we (the 3rd team) are still unbeaten !!


Rugby highlight in your role:

same as above 


Favourite Club Player:

i dont have any favourites ... but I do love my 3rd team boys the most  


Favourite Coach:

ahhhhhh I would have to say my 3rds coach... Ryan van Niekerk



How do you chill?

I dont get much chill time - but my favourite thing to do after a hectic week is a good movie with my boyfriend and puppy on the couch :) 


What are your aspirations for the Bay?

To win the league this year; to go into Community  Cup as the underdogs and newbies but come out victorious and the team every other rugby player would like to play for.


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?

The atmosphere, the gees, the vibe, the Bay spirit. You cannot be unhappy at the Bay - even when we lose.  


Who at False Bay inspires you?

No one specifically HOWEVER - I am inspired by the guys (be it players or managers or coaches or Committee members) that show off the Bay spirit 100% on and off the field, during games, when watching games, when injured and after games.    


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?

Outside of rugby, I work alongside Dasch Barber in the best gym in CT ;) STATURE. I also love to run and go train, go watch movies and go for dinners with my boy and other mates.     

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