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Spotlight - Khona Dabula

Name:      Khona Dabula


Age:          29


Family background/ recognition:

I come from Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape



Tighthead prop


Favourite position:




Mount Frere High School


Clubs played for:

Police, Titus, Langa, False Bay


Highest honours:

National Police Fitness, National Police Rugby


Other interests outside of rugby:

Functional fitness


Favourite music:          


Favourite Movie:

Good Day to Die Hard


Favourite Food:          

Pap and meat


Inspirational people:    

My big Brother and all my coaches at False Bay 


Rugby philosophy:      

Rugby isn’t life because it keep me going in life


Life philosophy:          

Life is the game


Rugby goals:               

My current rugby goal was to play first team at False Bay Rugby Club

What do you like about False Bay?   

We are all equal - no special treatment 


Why the Bay?            

Its closer to me and they have good coaches


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?    

Good rugby and what keeps me here are the things that happen here


Best Bay rugby moment?      

When I scored a try for FB Seconds against Maties last year


General comments:    

False Bay Rugby Club is the place to be if you want to play good rugby and be treated fairly

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