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Spotlight - Kevin Lock

Name: Kevin Mpumelelo Lock



Slim Jim, Hugo Boss and YMCA


Age:   22


Family background/ recognition:

Black pops from the heart of Lamga and Wonderful White mom from England , some say I'm a coconut and Tiger Woods.

Best of both worlds through and through



inside center (12) Fullback (15) Wing(11)


Favourite position:

Wherever Footy puts me on a Friday night lol


Least favourite:



Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Curtly aka Perry Baker. ( Curtly Johnson). Has way too much speed to be a forward brilliant to watch



Fish Hoek High School


Clubs played for:

Villagers and False Bay


Other interests outside of rugby:

Getting a 6 pack for summer



Favourite music:

Deep house all the way


Favourite Movie:

Shark Tale


Favourite Food:

Chicken( all of it )


Inspirational people:

William Ryder, Oom Footy and Richard Smith


Rugby philosophy:

If you have flare use it because even if your teammates shout at you to keep it simple, you will never get better if you don't try !!


Life philosophy:

Don't wait for it to happen go out and complete it


Rugby goals:

Play 7's again at WP level and some day Blitzbokke


What do you like about False Bay?

Bay is a family coming from Villagers and in my first year here finding brothers and some sisters haha. It's the place to be and I'll never leave, you're stuck with me. Oh and the discounts at the bar


Why The Bay?

Because chows a chows


Best Bay rugby moment?

Potjie day

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