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Spotlight - Karl Martin 

Name -  Karl Martin 


Nickname -  John Wick (still not entirely sure why)


Age - 21


Education (School, Tertiary) – Wynberg Boys' High School and currently at UCT.

Rugby or sporting background - I used to enjoy my soccer and tennis when I was much younger but quickly got thrown into rugby when I arrived at Wynberg in Grade 6.  I played first team tennis in grade nine but had to give up due to "knee issues" and made rugby an all year round sport ever since. 

The tennis coaches didn't take to it lightly.  


Clubs played for - UCT U20's and False Bay 


Position played  - Full back, fly-half and wing (still confused over what made the FB coaches think I could do there) 


Rugby philosophy - When unsure, kick the ball.


Life philosophy - Don't be a knob (well at least try your best).


Rugby highlight as a player - Coming back to rugby after a lekker year holiday and playing alongside my schoolmate, Woody, and my old coachie, Justin Van Twinkle. 


Rugby highlight in your role - Beating Grey High School in 2013 on Hawthornden (very ambitious)


Favourite Club Player - It's always amazed me how Woody (Brandon Wood) manages to hold his weight on the rugby field when he only consumes Hansas, the brandy and coke special and boerie rolls.  Truly inspiring. 


Favourite Coach - My school coaches, Allen "G-unit" Gerber and Magic-man Justin Van Winkle grew my love for the game and my work ethic.  I'm also almost 100% sure that they spent more time working on the team than doing their day jobs.  The False Bay coaches haven't shouted at me yet so they're also in my good books. 


Family background / make up - Son of Errol and Jayne Martin, brother of (The) Nick Martin and father of hopefully no one. 


How do you chill? - Reading a good book and taking long walks on the beach.


What is it about the Bay that inspires you? - The sense of camaraderie within the club and the time and effort put in behind the scenes from the players, coaches and regular spectators.  It's also goes a long way when you pitch up to practice or a game and the coaches are more pumped than half of the team.  


Who at False Bay inspires you? - I used to be inspired by the a lot of the older guys who I either watched when I was a lighty or who taught at Wynberg when I was there.  Needless to say, I've lost a fair amount of admiration for many of them since I started attending fines meetings.  I think Simon Askew is about the only guy who I could still imagine being a teacher after the last couple of games.  


Which club do you enjoy playing against and why? - It's always nice playing against the varsities as they don't play with 15 ballies on the field.  The collisions feel that little bit softer.  


What is your Dream Sports event, one you would most like to attend? - Maybe the Olympics or one of the UFC events.  Those athletes and fighters have to be superhuman just to participate.


Your favourite rugby moment? - I don't have too many particular moments but beating Grey High School in 2013 on Hawthornden and cleaning Hammies earlier this year in Greenpoint are the type of moments that stand out for me.  


Your most embarrassing rugby memory? - Hooking a kick from in front of the poles against Paarl Gym in U16 at the death and losing by one point.  I still get reminded of it more regularly than I would like. 


Who is your funniest team mate? - I could probably mention a few players but what stands out the most would be the questioning sounds that come out of Ashley Welsh's mouth at the back of the line-out or Vlam's pregame nutritional advice while eating a muffin and sipping on a coke.


Describe yourself in three words - Eat. Sleep. Repeat.


Training: love it or Hate it? - Love it when the field doesn't look like the setting of Afrikaburn. 

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