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Spotlight - Justin Fielies

Name:   Justin Fielies


Habana, Fila or Fielies


Age:    25


Family background/ recognition:  

Coloured/ half Maori :).
My parents are not sporty at all so I guess I got my sporting abilities from my Grandfather and Uncles who represented SWD. 


Wing 11/14 or centre

Favourite position:
11 Wing


Least favourite: 

Full Back


Favourite Club Rugby Player: 

I am lucky enough to have played with many special players at the Bay. Too name a few Brendell Brandt, Michael Pops and Danie Roux. But my favorite has to be Ridhaa "The Legend" Damon. 



Rondebosch Boy's High School (Rugby scholarship not Academic Hahahaha)


Clubs played for:

Once a Bay boy always a Bay boy. False Bay since 2012
Pakuranga Rugby Club (New Zealand) 2011


Highest honours:
Western Province u18/19
Western Province 7s
False Bay 1st team


Other interests outside of rugby:

I enjoy lazy days, movies, staying active and gym. Spending time with family and friends. Playing Ps4 and a little razzle dazzle night out. 


Favourite music:
R&b, Ragge, Rap and Hip hop 

Favourite Movie:
Fast and the Furious 

Favourite Food:
A cheeky gatsby, Pizza and Mom's stew 


Inspirational people:

My parents and grandparents. My role models are the late Jonah Lomu and Bryan Habana.


Rugby philosophy:

My rugby philosophy is running rugby. I always try get better at what I do. The New Zealand playing style would be the ideal philosophy for me as a player. Play what is in front of you. "Kicking is for ninjas." 


Life philosophy:

Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.  

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't want to work hard." 

Hard work dedication.


Rugby goals:

To continue playing for the Bay 1st team for as long as I can. 

I want to give it my all as False Bay and the coaches have backed me from the begin through injuries and all, so the best I can do is to do my best. 

I would also like to have a crack at WP 7s again. 

What do you like about False Bay?

We all come from different backgrounds, age groups and have different beliefs but one thing in common we all love False Bay. I enjoy the comraderie, banter and Gees. Everyone is respectful of each other from the player to the coaches to the committee. 

As Vd would say "we hate to tackle, we hate to ruck, we hate  the GEES and we hate to run the ball." 

This club is one special club which will always be close to my heart. Words can't describe what I like about the Bay!!


Why The Bay?

The Bay has great facilities, people, club house, players and Gees. The comraderie is great.


What attracted you to The Bay and what keeps you here?

The Bay is a working mans club. Although I only started working this year lol. The high standard of players and coaching at the club. The great facilities and the mentorship which the youngsters receive from the experience players. 


Best Bay rugby moment?

My first 1st team cap and first try for the False Bay.


General comments:

Thanks for the opportunity. Although they call me Habana I am better looking than him!!

"Youngsters get the bags."

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