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Spotlight - Jurgen Dorfling

Name – Jurgen Dorfling


Nickname - Tjop


Age - 23


Education (School, Tertiary) – Lochnerhof Primary School, Strand High School


Rugby or sporting background - Started playing this amazing game when I was 7 years old. I received stitches in my first game. 


Clubs played for – Played for Helderberg from 2013-2016.... Got my 1st team cap the same day the SLA league started when I was 19 years old.

Position played or role if never played – Loosehead and tighthead props; hooker


Rugby philosophy – Rugby is more than a sport, rugby is more than a talent, rugby is a way of life, you live it, you breath it, you stick to it.


Life philosophy – Don’t live for today live for the future, you make mistakes but the way you fix it is the way you conduct life.


Rugby highlight as a player – Youngest player to reach 50 caps for Helderberg 1st team.


Rugby highlight in your role – Scrumming props straight to their retirements.


Favourite Club Player – Wesley Futter.


Favourite Coach – The left foot inside torpedo king himself - Footy



How do you chill? - Braai and beers and all the cheers.


What is it about the Bay that inspires you? - The GEES!!!!!!!! And all the mal souties that have become this boerseun's family.


Who at False Bay inspires you? - Mr Biceps himself BASH (Andrew Whittaker). 


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby? - Nice road trips, 4x4 trips, going to the farm, some lekker hunting.


Which club do you enjoy playing against and why? - Durbell- I like the rumble.


What is your Dream Sports event, one you would most like to attend? - To go to the Olympics


Your favourite rugby moment? - Scoring a 95 meter sprint interception try against Tygerberg.


Your most embarrassing rugby memory? - Playing in stormy weather against UCT at Hooker at Groote Schuur.  As I threw the ball into the line out,  the ball slipped out of my hand and went straight to the UCT scrumhalf.. HAHAHA, that will always haunt me


Who is your funniest team mate? - Caleb Rightford


Describe yourself in three words - Tiepiese Afrikaanse Boerseun.


Training - love it or Hate it? It depends on what is up for practice.

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