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Spotlight - Jonny Sweetnam

Name:    Jonny Sweetnam


Nickname:    Jonny


Age:    30


Education (School, Tertiary):

Fish Hoek High School


Rugby or sporting background:

My rugby career has been very spread out, firstly at school playing for your 1st team and then moving onto the RPC (rugby performance centre) after which I played half a season with UCT before I went to play and hopefully gain some knowledge in England before coming back to pursue a career in SA, I was then hit with a shoulder injury that never really recovered well and kept me out of the game for a good few years. I gave up on the dream and after about 6 years decided to train up and see if I could have a run again, the training went well and I was back on the field with Villagers 1st team and winning the SLB for a season. Not looking to pursue the playing career and enjoy my rugby again, I found myself being offered a run out for the FIFOS, the season took its toll after winning the league and injuries showed up again which gave me the opportunity I find myself in now as Coach and I think the career as coach is well under way now, for now.


Clubs played for:

A little bit of a club whore but all for the love of the game


Masi Pumas


Bowden RUFC (England)

False Bay


Position played or role if never played:

I've been a scrum half my whole career but don't mind dabbling out wider 


Rugby philosophy:

" Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect"

Life philosophy


Rugby highlight as a player:

I've been a part of a few glorious moments and won a fair share of league titles at various clubs mentioned above but what stands out the most must be being Voted MVP and Players Player when it all began at Under9.


Rugby highlight in your role:

There's been a few great games and lots of highlights so far in my role as FIFOS head coach which is all owed to the players and coaches around me but the highlight so far must be my captain bringing his new girlfriend to potjie day


Favourite Club Player:

Can I have more than 1 because it would have to be the Van Deventer brothers, Brad and Tian. Apart from Brads tiny calves and Tians pet iguana, they are players who will give you everything on and off the field and ask for nothing in return. Qualities that will make any player exceptional.


Favourite Coach:

I've had 2 coaches that have both played a big role in the way I rugby, Hilton Houghton(1st XV coach) and Alan Zondagh (u20 RPC coach) it's all about being in the moment and both have shown me the different styles of rugby and learning how to adapt to them.


What are your aspirations for the Bay?

My aspirations for the Bay would obviously be able to see them win the SLA this year and hopefully one day be doing the same thing as the head coach.



What is it about the Bay that inspires you?

There's a lot that's  inspiring about the club; we are in a good place right now and as shown, if managed well, it will continue to grow; the guys are all amped to play some good rugby and have a good time doing it;  the club provides the platform for that and it's just awesome to be a part of this. 



Who at False Bay inspires you?

The team that I've gotten to play for and now coach, THE FIFOS. There is a lot gees and a real big want to perform better and win the league, you can't help but not get caught up in it all and try do your best for your team mates.



What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?

For me, at the moment golf is a great way to relax but otherwise time spent with friends is always the best option.

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