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Spotlight - Jake Rigby

Name: Jake Rigby


Nickname:  Riggers


Age: 21


Family background/ recognition:

Born in England (I'll take the fine). My parents moved to SA when I was a youngster so I have family in both countries.



Flank/8th man


Favourite position:

Open side flank


Least favourite:

Absolutely hate playing scrummy!


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Justin Van Winkel - he was my teacher at school and I enjoy watching his running lines.



Wynberg Boys High School


Clubs played for:

UCT, False Bay


Other interests outside of rugby:

Big time into wakeboarding and snow skiing - I'm also a touch rugby fanatic!


Favourite music:

I love all music, but play me some 80's and it's a party!

Favourite Movie:

Star Wars  


Favourite Food:



Inspirational people:

Both of my parents have always taken an interest in my rugby. My dad has never missed a game of mine and is my mentor. I am also very close to my grandpa, who has always supported me with my rugby - False Bay is often the topic of our conversations.


Rugby philosophy:

Think out of the box and play what is in front of you.


Life philosophy:

Live life to the fullest and cherish the people close to you.



Rugby goals:

To work hard enough to play at the highest level that I can.


What do you like about False Bay?

The great players. False Bay also has coaches who allow you to express yourself which is very important for my game. On top of all the rugby - False Bay has basically become the centre of my social life.


Why The Bay?

Anyone who comes across our clubhouse and gees is immediately drawn to the atmosphere. It was a similar feeling when I attended my first training session at the Bay, I immediately felt at home and I am grateful to play at a club with great players and gees that matches the rugby ability!


Best Bay rugby moment?

Making my debut where I played with some of my best mates for the first time.


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