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Spotlight - Hyron Thyse

Name:   Hyron  Thyse


Nickname:   Mr T


Age:   37



Huguenot High (Wellington), Tygerberg College


Rugby or sporting background:

Sport always played a big part in my life. At school I was more into athletics (100m, 110 hurdles & long jump) than as a rugby player. It was only in Std 8 (Grade 10 today) when I made the Boland U17 team that I started taking rugby seriously.

From there on  I knew I wanted to play rugby professionally.


Clubs played for:

Wellington Rugby Club, Worcester Villagers, Police (Kimberley)

Boland 2000-2001 & 2010, Griquas 2002-2003, Pumas 2004-2009


Position played:

Wing & Center


Rugby philosophy:

If you need luck, you're not good enough.


Life philosophy:

Life is what we make of it, It always has been, it always will be!


Rugby highlight as a player:

Playing my first provincial game


Favourite Club Player:

Ridhaa Damon


Favourite Coach:

Jimmy Stonehouse


How do you chill?

Just spending time with family and friends. 


What are your aspirations for the Bay?

Firstly to win the league this year, then to win the Gold Cup and be crowned the best club in SA. 


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?/Who at False Bay inspires you?

Too many to mention....the commitment from everyone (from management, coaches to players and supporters) at the Bay is testimony of where the club is at the moment. It's awesome to be part of such a great family.


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?

Nothing beats a good old braai!!! I also love cooking and fishing.

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