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Spotlight - Frans Boshoff

Name:                    Frans Boshoff


Nickname:            Bossie


Age:                      42



Northern Cape High, Kimberley


Rugby or sporting background:   

No real sporty people in my family. My dad played a bit, but that was about it.


Clubs played for:    

Defence Force back in the day as we were only allowed to play for them. After that only The Bay


Position played:     

Played all the position in the back, except for 9. Favorite was 10


Rugby philosophy:

I think my rugby and Life philosophy are the same. What you put in, is what you get out. The way you work and play sport tells a lot about the person you are. I want to be respected by all and visa versa. So that is how I approach life. Do whatever you do to the best of your ability.


Rugby highlight as a player:       

I have had a few of those over all the years. Playing Craven Week is right up there. Then playing for the SA Defence Force side for about 19 years. Also being selected for the SA Forces side. But I think the best was winning that horrible 2A league. I think if we didnt win that year, False Bay would not be where they are today. Those men that played that year should take a lot of credit for the club's success.


Rugby highlight in your role:     

Coming third the first year we were back up in the top league, assisting Kevin, and then definitely losing marginally against Durbell u20s 2 years ago in the President's cup at Newlands. And then being appointed as the SA Defence Force coach to our first ever Military World Cup last year.


Favourite Club Player:                

Ridhaa Damon. And then all the u20s coming up and playing senior rugby. Always good seeing your boys doing well.


Favourite Coach:     

John Bond. Coached me at school. Clever man


Family background / make up:    

We are 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Dad passed away during my first year in the Army. Mom passed away almost 2 years ago.


How do you chill:                      

I like to go run. A movie is always good and sport on TV is never to be missed. Other than that friends and visiting my brother.


What are your aspirations for the Bay?  

Just to do well and be humble in doing what we do best. 


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?      

Love the mixture of cultures and backgrounds and how we can mingle and show that we all can life together.


Who at False Bay inspires you?             

Mr De Waal. His passion for rugby is an inspiration and what he has done for many in the club.


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?       

I play a bit of action netball, yes action netball. And every now and then starting up the PS3 is a good bit of fun.


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