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Spotlight - Dewald Claassen

Name:      Dewald Claassen





Age:   23


Family background/ recognition:

My Dad played rugby and my brother plays too.  



Flyhalf and fullback


Favourite position:  


Least favourite:                        



Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Andri Claassen



Tygerberg HS


Clubs played for:

Harlequins; False Bay


Highest honours:

Cheetahs o/19 Currie Cup


Other interests outside of rugby:



Favourite music:

Electro house ; EDM


Favourite Movie:

Facing the Giants


Favourite Food:



Inspirational people:

Dan Carter


Rugby philosophy:

Express yourself the best you can and never stop learning.


Life philosophy:

Be the best you can be, good or bad and stay faithful and humble.


What do you like about False Bay?

It's a family club and we are one big brotherhood.


Why the Bay?

Closest to home.


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

Great people and passion for the game.


Best Bay rugby moment?      

Me and my brother playing together.

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