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Spotlight - Cameron Dallas

Name:                 Cameron Dallas



swanson amongst others 


Age:                       21, 22 this year


Family background:

 I was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and did my junior school career at Whitestone Prep. At the end of grade7 I moved to Cape Town.



Wynberg Boys High School


Position:                lock

Favourite position:

Eighth man


Least favourite:



Favourite club rugby player:

Graham Knoop


Clubs played for :

Villager RFC, False Bay


Highest Honours:

Third XV and 2 games for Second XV


Fave music:

Deep Tech House


Fave movie:

American Pie,  Naked Mile


Fave food:

Thai food


Inspirational people:

My Dad 


Rugby philosophy:

Never give up no matter how broken or tired you are, keep striving because you won’t only be letting yourself down but the other 14 men standing next to you on the battlefield


Life philosophy:

You only have one shot at life so make the most of it, do what makes you happy


Rugby goals:

Keep playing at the Bay and once I have graduated to play rugby in the UK or the US of A 


What do I like about False Bay?

The gees is unreal and Bay is like a family 


Why the Bay?

The question should be why not the Bay?  All my friends play at the Bay and to keep that going is why I will play at the Bay


What attracted to you at the Bay and what keeps you here?

When False Bay won the SLB in 2013 and stayed in the top 5 in 2014 in SLA I knew this is the place to be and strive with my rugby. What keeps me here is that all my friends are here and I have made lifelong friendships with people I didn't even know from a bar of soap


Best Bay rugby moment:

Putting 102 points on Primrose last year


General comments:

This year False Bay open sides have managed to put together 6 sides which in my opinion is the most insane thing, to be playing rugby among 90+ guys and all sides are successful shows that Bay is the place to be 

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