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Spotlight - Byron Mohr

Name: Byron Arnold Mohr



Bayron, Andre Snyman, The Rolls-Royce, Pete Sampras


Age: 32


Family background/ recognition:

My dad Arnie played for Stellenbosch, Hamiltons and Villagers. He was part of the 1981 Villagers team that won the Grand Challenge. My mom plays tennis.


Position: 13

Favourite position: 13


Least favourite:

Anywhere not in the backline


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

I met Michael Poppmeier in 2007 and we played many years together for Villagers and False Bay. Pops was the best lock in club rugby year in and year out. A fantastic leader with a great appreciation and knowledge of the game. 





Clubs played for:

Maties, Villagers, Glasgow Hawks, Pirates and False Bay


Highest honours:

False Bay 1st XV


Other interests outside of rugby:

Outside of rugby?


Favourite music:

DJ Slab

Favourite Movie:

The Lion King

Favourite Food:

The Bay Nachos


Inspirational people:

NOT Ashley Wells


Rugby philosophy:

Focus on process and principles, the result will take care of itself


Life philosophy:

Chows a chow


Rugby goals:

To perform at a consistent level every game


What do you like about False Bay?:

Well what don't I like about The Bay..nothing. Except Brendon Shields. A great atmosphere for young and old to enjoy the greatest game ever played.


Why The Bay?:

You play where your mates are, and these guys will be my mates for life


What attracted you to The Bay and what keeps you here?:

Rugby is played in the right spirit week in and week out. I've never played against False Bay and I never want to.

Best Bay rugby moment?:

Everytime I pull on the jersey..and every Wes Chetty chirp



General comments: UTB

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