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Spotlight - Brian Peters


Name:                 Brian Richard Peters

Nickname:         BP

Age:                 Age is but a number-71,feel 31

Education (School, Tertiary):

Matric, Honours Degree from the University of Life

Rugby or sporting background:

First team @ Westerford High School 6l,62,63.

Hammies U20A,

WTransvaal Defence u20A.

BAC (Bulawayo,Rhodesia)1st team,

BSAP (Salisbury)1st team,

Old Harians (Salisbury)2ndXV (the 1st XV was made up 14 Rhodesian Players Ian McIntosh who was the Rhodesian coach @the time); Gwelo Sports Club 1st XV.

Super League A-top 8 ref for 10yrs.

Refereed the main curtain raiser (100 year celebration of the Natal & Rhodesian RFU)Natal vs WP @ Kings Park 1990.A crowd of 40,000 spectators.

Blew 6 Bishops vs Rondebosch Derbies.Many ,many Wynberg vs Sacs Derbies.

Blew Prov u20 Free State vs Natal in Bloemfontein.

Ref the only tri Inter-Varsity @ Newlands ie Vics vs UWC.


Position played:

Scrumhalf & Fullback.


Rugby philosophy:

The game for the sake of the game. Always to win but if the game is lost, to accept the loss & move on. Its only a game!


Life philosophy:

To be the best I can be, if down, get up & press on. Failure is only failure if you give up.


Family background / make up:

My family ie my wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law and 5 grandchildren.


Rugby highlight as a player:

Club Championships in Rhodesia 1975 ie Saru Gold Cup 2016.

Rugby highlight in your role:

Manager WP u19—2005/06/07/08 (won the U19 CC in 2007, Pieter Rossouw(Slap Chips) was the backline coach. 2009-U21. 4x U19 finals & U21 semi-final.


Favourite Club Player:



Favourite Coach:

Henry Monk


How do you chill?

Spending time with my grandchildren & reading.

What is it about the Bay that inspires you:

The fact that we have been down & out at stages and after 12 years we have come full circle. The fact that the Bay is a club for all irrespective of who you are.


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?

Louis de Waal.

What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?    

Following rugby, cricket and football (EPL) on TV..


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