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Spotlight - Brent Stevens

Name:    Brent Stevens


Nickname:   Slinky


Age:   32


Family background/ recognition:            

I come from a family of soccer players. My father played rugby and urged me to play and I've never looked back.


Position: Flanker

Favourite position:

Blind side flank


Least favourite:

on the bench


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Russel Nelson



Zwaanswyk High School


Clubs played for:



Highest honours:



Favourite music:            

Any good music


Favourite Movie:            

Bourne series


Favourite Food:            

Homemade stews


Inspirational people:            

This is an easy one, My Dad


Rugby philosophy:            

Quit when the final whistle blows


Life philosophy:            

Live life to its fullest


Rugby goals:              

Win Super league A


What do you like about False Bay?   

The people, the rugby, the culture, the food, the everything!


Why the Bay?            

Michael Poppmeier knows why :)


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

Over and above the things I like about the club are my team mates. I've played in the Thirds, Seconds and First side this year. Each team  has three things as a constant - winning rugby, Gees and friendship


Best Bay rugby moment?

Beating Maties at home 2015


General comments:    

The place to be - UTB

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