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Spotlight - Brendon Shields

Name: Brendon William Shields 



Shields,shieldsy,baby rhino, 2scoops & the rest are PG let's not go there thanks! :) 


Age: 31


Family background/ recognition: 

My dad Colin born and grew up in Pretoria. He attended Pretoria boys high he also played in the front row and Represented the 1st XV of which he was very proud. 

His passion and love for the game definitely influenced me. 





Favourite position: 

flank/8th man 


Least favourite: 

Prop haha 


Favourite Club Rugby Player: 

Wow you can't ask me that, there are so many. But go down to the Bay on a Match day take a look around... They will all be there! 



Plumstead High School 


Clubs played for: 

False Bay RFC 


Highest honours: 

False Bay 1st team 


Other interests outside of rugby: 

Xbox haha Not much as rugby and its gees is big part of my life but since moving to JHB I've taken a liking to Crossfit. So yeah I try to Crossfit. 


Favourite music: 

Ryan Williams aka DJ Slab EDM mixes are the best.. He sends the mates a fresh mix every week haha 


Favourite Movie: 

Star Wars and Game of thrones series  


Favourite Food:

All food Except Mom's broccoli and Cauliflower salad thingy it's not ideal. #loveyoumom  


Inspirational people: 

Nelson Mandela & Jonah Lomu 


Rugby philosophy:

Be aggressive, be more aggressive and never be satisfied #UTB 


Life philosophy:

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Choose growth cause if you're not growing, you're dying! 


What do you like about False Bay? 

False Bay today was alot different 12 years ago, Back then the Bay didn't have a fancy clubhouse/restaurant or Great facilities but what they had was loyal hardworking people from all walks of life with a one common interest and that was rugby and those people are still there there today! #family 


Why the Bay ? 

I joined the Bay in 2004/2005 as Vlam, Nino and Locky started playing there after school and it was just down the road for me. I ended up staying because I met and got to know some really special people who have had a positive influence on my life and today I can call them mates.  


Best Bay rugby moment?

-Captaining the U20a under coach Jed Elley in 2005 #uchacha 

- First team Debut Vs NNK in 2006 

- First year back in SLA False Bay beating Hammies 15-12 and then also Maties 19-18 at the Phillip Herbstein.  


General comments:

Don't just play rugby at the Bay, get involved add value when you leave, leave it in a better place. #LudusCausaLudi 

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