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Spotlight - Brandon Wood

Name: Brandon Wood


Nickname:  Woody


Age: 20


Family background:

Grandfather started out at Bay then moved to Villagers. Dad also played a bit for Villager. 


Position:  Lock


Favourite position:  Centre


Least favourite: Hooker


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

 Brendon Shields



Wynberg Boys High School


Clubs played for:

FalseBay u20


Other interests outside of rugby:

A nice quiet night at Boogies 


Favourite music:

Neil Diamond


Favourite Movie:

Forrest Gump


Favourite Food:

Castle draft


Inspirational people:

Mr. 200 Justin Van Winkel


Rugby philosophy:

It's not the taking part it's the taking apart.


Life philosophy:

Have a joll


Rugby goals:

To get 1 more cap than Justin van Winkel


What do you like about False Bay? 

Not too much gees


Why the Bay? 

The luscious green grass


Best Bay rugby moment?

Getting my first 1st cap and then winning this little thing called the SLA 


General comments:


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