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Spotlight - Brad Moore

Name:    Brad Moore


Nipple pincher

Age:   49



Fly Half

Favourite position:

Fly Half

Least favourite:


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Our entire front & back  row who continuously gave us front foot ball on all set pieces .

The collective efforts of our front and back row in  Gareth Jones, Jon Harris, Mike Punt, Rico Lupini, Brent Jordaan, Anthony Pollecutt, Mark Agnew , Johnny Schuurman, Ian Morris and a few others who ably filled in for them when it was the wrong time of the month for them. 

Although the backline had to do their rucking , These guys always ensured the opposition was intimidated and were probably the most feared and heaviest tight five in the country.  



Too many 

Clubs played for:

Fale Bay and Milnerton 


Other interests outside of rugby:

Love to have seasonal surfs with my kids 

Favourite music:

Jack Johnson

Favourite Movie:

Anything Action, Hate horrors

Favourite Food:

Seafood Platters but otherwise anything that gets put in front of me

Inspirational people:

Helen Zille, not because of the political party she represents but because of her work ethic and the ability to get so much done with the time available to her. 

Another leader and modest soul, Dr Gareth Jones & his wife Jill who fall into this category.  I have a small glimpse of the mans  professional challenges behind the scenes and yet so much energy and focus have been successfully dedicated to False Bay Rugby Club. A sacrifice that we have to appreciate but will probably never get to understand.   

Rugby philosophy:
Put somebody else in a position better than you or take it on the chin with vigour. On and off the field

Life philosophy
Don't Judge others , You just have no idea what they went through. Dont hear one side of a story, Treat everyone with the same respect irrespective of their achievements,  status or lack thereof. 

Rugby Dream

To see a Coaching & Leadership Clinic for Rugby Coaches that is written & structured by SA's best including Nick Mallet, Jake White, John Mitchell, Gary Gold, Johan Ackerman , Jonno VD Walt etc. A long term plan that will infiltrate to coaches at school level right through to Club, provincial and national level. This is the only way that Springbok rugby will surpass New Zealand as the best rugby nation on this planet. The WILL TO WIN is a massive skill  set that we have forgotten and this psychology is New Zealands biggest asset & needs to be reinstalled into SA rugby leadership at a local level and then to their players,  starting at school. 

New Zealand have had a plan fro the last 15 years , they have kept to it and they are metamorphosising that plan to for the next 15 years so they can stay ahead.  The plan includes conditioning and stimulating thought and skill processes from young ages with a continuation program through to national level.  Its a leadership structure that facilitates the same language and ambitions of the New Zealand Rugby union from start to finish. SA rugby has no unity nationally and provincially so there is clearly be no long term plan. 

What do you like about False Bay?

False Bay have successfully maintained a brotherhood and club spirit through a period of radical structural and professional changes. Other rugby clubs like Villagers and even the successful ones have been unable to adapt and still maintain a vibrant club spirit . False Bay have not only successfully adapted but they have maintained the spirit and camaraderie that we all love within a club environment.  The personableness, warmth, support and camaraderie found at False Bay through its metamorphosis over the last 12 years have to be credited to a fantastic and committed committee structure.   Well done to all our representatives on the committee as well as players for an awesome Spirited and successful Rugby Club. 

Best Bay rugby moment?

Beating UCT after being about 30 points down at half time, Experience, Spirit and the will to win pulled us through. 

More recently The Beating of Maties the way we did by our determined gritty  squad of rugby players lead by more Inspiring leaders , Jonno VD Walt & Snoopy . There is synergy from all coaches and squads trying to effect the same language from top to bottom and that is starting to shine through. 

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