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Spotlight - Bob Fabre

Name:   Bob Fabre



" Bobby V"





Family background / recognition:

I didn’t play much rugby at school. I played my first club rugby at 29 with my brother for the Buccs at Hammies. They needed subs so I borrowed someone's

shorts and boots and changed on the side of the field for my first adult game. I never looked back from there - retired at 42 


Position:   1 or 3


Favourite position:    3


Least favourite:    4,5


Favourite Club Rugby Player:
Richard van der Merwe


Inspirational people:

Richie van der Merwe , Jed Eli, Shields, Pieter Benade and all those Bay boys who play rugby for the love of the game as well as coaches and managers who do the same.

ludus causa ludi



 St Georges Grammar School


Clubs played for:

 False Bay (played a few games before for the Buccaneers at Hammies)


Highest honours:

 Benched for First against Strand United - Didn’t get on the field


Other interests outside of rugby:

Cooking with my wife, Running, Beer


Favourite music:

James Reyne

Favourite Movie:



Favourite Food:

Macaroni Cheese, Lamb/Chicken Breyani - comfort foods


Rugby philosophy :

Don’t ask what rugby can do for you, but what you can do for rugby - also winning is great, but its ok to lose if you played your best


Life philosophy:

If you’re not enjoying yourself- you may as well not be here


Rugby goals:

Retired - stay a FB supporter


What do you like about False Bay? 

Its a special brotherhood and sisterhood of people. Its a safe place in an unsafe country. There is no place I would rather be on Saturdays from 12 - when there is a home game


Why The Bay?

 Originally  lived in Diep River - so closest club - and got invited to play by third team coach Tobie in 2001


What attracted you to the bay and what keeps you here?



Best Bay rugby moment?

Francois Boshoff (Bossie try probably circa 2003 from Wynberg end 22 - slippped a few tackles and chipped over the oppostion fullbacks head for a perfect one bounce gather to score under the posts - rugby magic!!


General comments:

I believe 2016 is the year for FB to win the league… 

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