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Spotlight - Ashley Wells

Name:   Ashley David Wells

Nickname:       Wells / Vanilla

Age:     30

Family background/ recognition:

Capetonian born & Bread: Schooled here. Family man - Two Beautiful daughters Emily Wells & Charlotte Wells. Husband to Claudia Wells 


Front Row - Play both sides of the scrum, Have 2 premiership Caps at Hooker :)

Favourite position:    10

Least favourite:  15 - Unnecessary running


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Wesley Chetty - Lost 4 years of my life when I had to mentor him through Varsity:) We have been Playing together for +- 10 yrs, great team player and awesome to see him playing still and well in his old age :)


Sweet Valley Primary & Wynberg Boys High School

Clubs played for:

UCT & False Bay       

Highest honours:

Wellington Colts & NPC 2nd Division 2014/15, WP 2005/07 & 2013, Griquas 2010, Newcastle Falcons 2010/2012, Pumas 2012, Aubenas Fed 1 (France)2013/2014

Other interests outside of rugby:        

Fishing, golf, entertaining friends


Favourite music:

Not really bothered. but any background tunes to block out Wesley Hamilton’s moaning.

Favourite Movie:

Don’t really watch movies, but anything funny!!

Favourite Food:

Pizza, Roasts

Inspirational people:

Grandmother (Nonna) & my brother (Graham)

Rugby philosophy:

Have fun, be smart, do your job, be yourself. Express yourself

Life philosophy:

Create memories, they last a life time.


Rugby goals:

Finish the year with no injuries           

What do you like about False Bay?    

Half price Tuesdays!!! #fatty

Why the Bay?

Its a great club to be part of! great community, great culture, creating a legacy!!

What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?     

The Players - Great guys

Best Bay rugby moment? 

Qualifying for Gold Cup


General comments      UTB

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