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Spotlight - Andri Claasen

Name:   Andri


Nickname:  Annas


Age:   25


Family background/ recognition:

My dad played rugby from a young age and he inspired me to play. So I followed in his footsteps. 



Fly half 


Favourite position:

Fly half 


Least favourite:



Favourite Club Rugby Player:




Tygerberg high school 


Clubs played for:

Hamiltons and False Bay


Highest honours:

WP Currie cup training squad 


Other interests outside of rugby:



Favourite Movie:

Forever strong, courageous 


Favourite Food:



Inspirational people:

Inky Johnson 


Rugby philosophy:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. 


Life philosophy:

What ever you start you make sure you finish#inkyjonhson


Rugby goals:

Win the league #boxtick

Win gold cup #pending 


What do you like about False Bay?

Family away from home 


What attracted you to the bay and what keeps you here?

Winning the SLA league

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