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Spotlight - Andrew Whittaker

Name:   Andrew Whittaker

Nickname:   Bash

Age: 29


Family background/ recognition:

Well I don't have any famous rugby players in my family, but my father and his four brothers were all pretty good boxers in their day some even representing SA in their respected age groups.

Guess that Fighting attitude is why my brother and I eventually developed the nickname "the BASH BROTHERS" on the field, that and the bone crushing tackles.  


Loose forward. preferably 8th man, but quite versatile, even been thrown in at lock, but I'm no Victor Matfield.

Favourite position:

 8th Man. but my dream is to play inside center (12) "Just waiting for Jono to believe in me" 

Least favourite: 

Has to Be lock, you have to be a special kind of crazy to want to scrum in that position. Besides, Chelsea won't allow me to play lock without a scrum-cap.


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Wow that's a hard question, there are some seriously great players that I have had the privilege of playing with, but If I had to choose..... I would say, Marc Davids. His passion and love for the game and his team mates knows no end. He has played over 200 first team games for the Bay and still gets involved in the gees of this club. He is a real inspiration.   


Die wonderlike Voortrekker Hoerskool, Ja dit is n Afrikaanse skool 

Clubs played for:

 I started my Club Career at Villagers U/20 and played a few games in the first team, but moved over to the Bay and never looked back,

Other interests outside of rugby:

 In my old age I've developed a great love for wine and going wine tasting is always exciting for me.


Favourite music:

Anything I can dance too, I love dancing and you can put on anything from the 80's right through to Justin Bieber, if its got a beat, you'll find me on the dance floor

Favourite Movie:

 "Bad Boys" 1 and 2, "300" and "How to train your Dragon" 1 and 2

Favourite Food:

 Mom's........ I mean my future wife's Spaghetti Bolognaise. 

Inspirational people:

 Nelson Mandela, My Mom.  

Rugby philosophy:

It's not about how good you play, it's about how good you look while you are playing!, HAHAHA  But seriously..... " What ever it Takes" 


Life philosophy:

 Don't sweat the petty stuff..... and never pet the sweaty stuff.
Family is Gold


Rugby goals:

 To lift the Cup with my Bay brothers in 2016


What do you like about False Bay?:

Where do you begin and does it really ever end? False Bay has become my home away from home, my family. the Gees, the people, the game, the jersey, the...... everything. the fact that we are all equal no matter what we all respect and love each other as one, under the green, red and white. #UTB


Why the bay?:

THE GEES, come win or lose nobody can ever take our Bay GEES.

Best Bay rugby moment?:

The day my brother and I ran out together in the same team for the first time ever. Best rugby day of my life when I hugged him after he scored his first first team try. Bash Brothers for life.


General comments:

Nothing compares to the feeling of pulling the 1st XV jersey over your head and running out to a packed Bay crowd and hearing your name. I'm a proud Bay Boy.


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