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Spotlight - Andrew Hughes

Name:                          Andrew Hughes


Nickname:                  Gunner


Age:                             39



Grey High School; Teachers Training College (GVO)


Rugby background:

Grey High 1st XV. Started my club coaching at UCT in 2001.


Clubs played for:



Position played:


Rugby philosophy:

Inspire players to become better people both while playing as well as in life.


Life philosophy:

Each day at a time and trying to make a positive impact on the boys I teach.  


Rugby highlight in your role:

Beating the WPRI and winning the league a few times up at UCT. Making the semi finals on the Varsity Cup Young Guns. Winning the SLB league with Villager.


Favourite Club Player:

All the players whom I coach


Favourite Coach :

VD and Slab


Family background / make up:

Married to Nicole with 2 kids, Jessica and Thomas


How do you chill?

Fishing along the Wild Coast


What are your aspirations for the Bay?

Making a difference


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?

The genuineness of the people.


Who at False Bay inspires you?

The Players


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