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Spotlight - Alistair Mulholland

So Saltie, Tell us a little about yourself. 



Alistair Mulholland



Salty, but Brian Peters still doesn't know my actual nickname and calls me Sparky!





Family background/ recognition 

My Dad, Chris, played and coached at the Bay, my uncle,  Russell was made a life member before he passed away and was very passionate about the Bay and my cousins, Byron and Gareth also played at the Bay and still pull in to support.





Favourite position 

Openside Flank


Least favourite 

Anything that isn't Flank 



Wynberg Boys High School


Clubs played for

UCT, Bay


Highest honours

False Bay 1st team (1 or 2 caps)


Other interests outside of rugby

Not much - most things I enjoy doing relate back to rugby somehow - coaching, watching, chilling with rugby mates.


Inspirational people

David Pocock, Wez Hamilton - I hope to one day have his dress sense.


Rugby philosophy 

Do the basics exceptionally well.


Life philosophy 

"Life isn't about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward" - Rocky Balboa


Rugby goals

Play good, consistent rugby and have fun ending okes in rucks!


What do you like about False Bay? 

Its clichè but its like a big family at the Bay, everyone is always made to feel welcome, from the 1st XV captain to the young kids in the academy that always run around and there's just a great culture at the club. Also knobs don't last long at the Bay, so most of the guys you play with are good okes.


General comments



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