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Spotlight - Aiden Monk

Name:    Aiden Monk


Age:    24


Family background/ recognition: 

Brought up in a rugby obsessed family so there was no option but to love the game. Started playing as young as possible for Rondebosch Boys.




Favourite position: 


Least favourite:

Front Row


Favourite Club Rugby Player: 


Rondebosch Boys High


Clubs played for:
UCT & False Bay

Other interests outside of rugby:



Favourite music: 
Anything that’s playing

Favourite Movie:

Anything Marvel

Favourite Food:


Inspirational people:

Richie McCaw


Rugby philosophy:

 You can never be to playing too hard.


Rugby goals:

False Bay 1st XV


What do you like about False Bay? 

The style of rugby


Why the bay?

I grew up watching my dad coaching at the bay and it’s a club I have always wanted to play for.


Best Bay rugby moment?

Being able to play with family

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