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Spotlight - Adnaan Osman

 Name: Adnaan Osman


Nickname: Naani 


Age: 30


Family background/ recognition:

 I only started playing rugby at the age of 13, I played every other sport but rugby lol! I have a couple of uncles and  my brother and many cousins that play/played rugby lol! My father wasn't much of a sportsman but always said to me choose one sport and give your best shot and I eventually chose rugby.


Position:  Fullback / Fly half 


Favourite position: 

Wherever I can get lots of ball lol


Least favourite: 

Anywhere in the forwards 



Trafalgar High School 


Clubs played for:

SKW, Collegians, Maties, Hellensvile (NZ), Kelso (Scotland) False Bay 


Highest honours:

WP Vodacom Cup, WP 7's, WP u/21



South Africa Touch World Cup (2011, 2015) (2005 u/21)


Other interests outside of rugby:

Soccer / Touch Rugby 


Favourite music / movie:

House, RnB, Old School 


Favourite Food:

Mom's Food lol


Inspirational people:

Richie Mccaw 


Rugby philosophy:

Treat every game as if it's your last, anything is possible.


Life philosophy:

To travel is better than to arrive :) 


Rugby goals:

To go one better in the league this year and to ultimately win Gold Cup.


What do you like about False Bay? 

Awesome bunch of guys I get to call my teammates, awesome management team! Great club Gees. Great club to be a part!!


Why The Bay?

I was looking for something different and the Bay is definitely very different!! 


What attracted you to The Bay and what keeps you here?

The style of rugby, the balance between backs and forwards, the competitive nature of the team and team gees is phenomenal! 


Best Bay rugby moment?

Winning the Community Challenge.


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