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Spotlight - Adam van Willingh

Name:    Adam Ross van Willingh




Age:    30


Family background/ recognition: 
My father played for Villagers so joining the Bay was a "touchy" subject, but he has since come to accept it and supports all my games.


Blindside Flank / Lock

Favourite position: 


Least favourite:

The Bench!


Favourite Club Rugby Player: 
Justin van Winkel - I have been watching Justin play since I was a young Grade 8 at Wynberg. Amazing player who plays the game at 110%


Wynberg Boys High School


Clubs played for:
False Bay RFC


Highest honours:
2nd XV


Other interests outside of rugby:

Cricket, Golf, Camping (with the boys), music, open fire cooking


Favourite music: 

Rock, alternative rock

Favourite Movie:

Any Pirates of the Caribbean

Favourite Food:


Inspirational people:
My Dad, Nelson Mandela and Marc "Froggi" Douglass


Rugby philosophy:

Rugby for me is about making friends and working together to achieve a common goal. It is a sport I have played for 24 years and has taken me overseas. I have coached and played rugby for many years and I cant see myself stopping anytime soon. It brings people from different backgrounds together and that's what I love most about it.


Life philosophy: 

Live each moment like its your last and grab whatever chance comes your way.


Rugby goals:

I've won awards and leagues, so for now, it would be to make a difference where I can.


What do you like about False Bay? 

The family atmosphere that I have experienced playing 2nds & 3rds in my first few years as well as the togetherness of the FIFO's.


Why the bay?

I Joined False Bay because a number of my High School mates were joining and on top of that, I lived two roads away at the time. I was hooked immediately.


What attracted you to the bay and what keeps you here?

I watched a first team game back in 2003 and enjoyed the Saturday "hype" and atmosphere. From then on, I was determined to join my "local club" after school.


Best Bay rugby moment?

Winning the League under Chris Hewetson and the back to back titles with the FIFO's


General comments:

I am currently in my 12th season at False Bay, having played for the U20A's, 2nds,3rds and FIFO's and have loved every moment along the way. There is nothing I look forward to more than seeing the chaps for a hit out on Friday nights and then sitting side lines with a "mild" hangover on Saturday afternoons, watching the club walk all over the like's of UCT or Durbanville. Some of my Favourite memories include: U20 fines sessions, Bob Fabre's side line antics, the old post match parties in the late 2000's, the laughs at practice and of course every time I walk onto that field in the green, red and white. UTB!

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